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Preseason Top 5 First Basemen
Cody Crosby,
Fantasy baseball draft day 2013

Heading into Spring Training, the writers at FantasyJuice will rank the Top 5 at every position and Top 10 starting pitchers and outfielders.

Kicking the posts off are the Top 5 first basemen heading into the Spring.

Cody and Matthew agree on four of the top five players, with Cody choosing Joey Votto and Matthew selecting Prince Fielder at number one.

Are your rankings different? Post below.

Top 5 First Basemen
Michael Ryan Cody Crosby
1) Prince Fielder 1) Joey Votto
Top 3 could really go in any order. I gave the nod to Fielder because of his consistency in performance and health (162, 161, 162, 162 games played the past four years). Votto or Prince in this spot but goes to Votto for his advantage in AVG. Addition of Shin Soo Choo will help RBI opportunities.
2) Joey Votto 2) Prince Fielder
I'm writing off last year's power outage as injury-related and fully expect a bounceback. Annual stud has yet to let the fantasy world down. At only 28, still entering his prime power years, if you can believe that.
3) Albert Pujols 3) Albert Pujols
He's not the Pujols of old but he's still one of the best in the game and can be counted on for solid, and possibly great, numbers. He's still Albert Pujols, you can't argue with that. Studly numbers aside from a poor April. He's aging but still profitable.
4) Adrian Gonzalez 4) Edwin Encarnacion
Where'd the power go? All the other numbers were still there and is now back home in LA and surrounded by a great lineup. Expect a rebound to previous numbers. Finally putting things together and still room for improvement. Shifting from 3B moved focus away from fielding. HR should regress but similar season expected.
5) Edwin Encarnacion 5) Billy Butler
After years of waiting, finally puts it all together. Can he repeat? Injuries have plagued him in the past but now can hopefully stay healthy as the primary DH. It took a while, but Bulter finally showed us what he can do. He's still young, 26, so has room to grow. Youth in KC will only improve and help his counting stats.

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