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Preseason Top 5 Second Basemen
Cody Crosby,
Fantasy baseball draft day 2013

In continuing to post the Top 5 at every position, the FantasyJuice experts submitted their 2B rankings heading into the spring.

Michael and Cody agree on the top five second basement with only a slight variance between Aaron Hill and Brandon Phillips.

Second base is stocked pretty well for 2013 so don't feel bad if you are unable to get any of the top 5 studs.

Top 5 Second Basemen
Michael Ryan Cody Crosby
1) Robinson Cano 1) Robinson Cano
As consistent as they get. Four category stud in his prime at a thin position. Hard to complain here. Probably won't get 30 home runs again in 2013 but draft him, and draft him early, if you can.
2) Dustin Pedroia 2) Dustin Pedroia
Behind Cano, about as consistent as you could ask for. Missed some time with injuries but stats still near what you expect. He's a gamer that contributes across the board. A solid contributor you can build your infield around. Expect a 20/20 season again even if the Red Sox are in flux.
3) Ian Kinsler 3) Ian Kinsler
Second straight healthy season and career high in AB, but stats down in both rate and counting. Three of past four years under .260 avg has to be noticed. Another tasty season but he's getting older so who knows if his health will hold out. Expect a slight regression in counting stats but similar AVG.
4) Aaron Hill 4) Brandon Phillips
If Cano is your model of consistency, Hill is your biggest wild card. Up and down in every category but has shown the ability to produce big numbers. It's B-Phil. You know what you are getting year in and year out. Three-straight years of 18 dingers...who wants to bet he does the same this season?
5) Brandon Phillips 5) Aaron Hill
At this point you know you can count on Phillips for good but not great contributions in every category. A safe, if unsexy, pick at one of this year's weakest positions. A Pedroia-esque season in 2012. Owners were scared off after a poor 2011 but he is here to stay with a 25/15 season expected.

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