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Yankees Solidify Outfield with Winn
Ethan Wagner,

Randy Winn has agreed to join the New York Yankees, likely ending Johnny Damonís tenure in the Bronx.

Winn is expected to be the primary left fielder, though Brett Gardner, whom he displaces, still figures to receive somewhat regular playing time. Winnís versatility should net him additional at-bats as well, since he could occasionally spell Curtis Granderson in CF or Nick Swisher in RF.

Last season was Winnís worst as a starter, evidenced by his meager line of .262/.318/.353 with only 2 HR and 16 SB, although in 2008 his .306 AVG. and 25 SB made him a mild fantasy asset.

The glass half-full outlook is that Winnís 2009 was a lost year, and that he will bounce back strong, crowding out any regular at-bats earmarked for Gardner. More likely, however, we are seeing a 35-year-old OF in his decline phase who is both moving to the more difficult league and unlikely to approach the 597 plate appearances he logged last season.

In standard mixed leagues heís not worth drafting, though he does have value in AL-only leagues as a 3rd OF or backup.

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