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Ask the Juice: Jason Heyward for Tommy Hanson?
Cody Crosby,

Suga asks: In a 10 team keeper league, I have been offered Jason Heyward for Tommy Hanson.

My current OF'ers are Andrew McCutchen, Adam Dunn, Grady Sizemore, Adam Lind, Carlos Gonzalez, Colby Rasmus, Jacoby Ellsbury, Desmond Jennings.. SP I have Zack Grienke, Barry Zito, John Danks, Scott Feldman, Joe Saunders, Kevin Millwood, Clay Buchholz, Jeff Niemann, and Trevor Cahill.

I love Heyward, but a good SP is tough to find.. Do I do the deal and do I need to get rid of a few OF'ers? If so who?


Thanks for the question Suga. This would be a tough question if you had a balanced team but I think the answer is quite apparent.

I suggest you keep Tommy Hanson right now considering your pitching staff is quite thin, especially in a 10-team league. Having Danks/Niemann as your number two starter is not going to compete against the nine other staffs in your league.

You already have an amazing outfield loaded with youngsters. Although adding Heyward would make your outfield unstoppable, it would truly hinder the rest of your team, especially by giving up Hanson. You can only start so many outfielders so having many other on the bench is just wanted talent.

I like your top four outfielders in Sizemore, Ellsbury, Lind, and McCutchen. Combined, they have solid power and great speed. Supplemented by Dunn on the bench, it will be tough for the other nine teams to compete with your outfield for the foreseeable future. Adding Heyward won't really help you much.

If you want to get rid of an outfielder I would suggest possibly trading Carlos Gonzalez. He is highly rated by many heading into the season so you could probably get a solid starting pitcher for him. I suggest you target someone like Brett Anderson.

Thanks again for you question.

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