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Alex Gordon Quickly Disappointing Again
Cody Crosby,

Kansas City Royals third baseman Alex Gordon will miss 3-4 weeks after breaking his thumb on March 6.

This is a definite setback for Gordon, who missed significant time in 2009 due to two different injuries.

Last season was supposed to be a breakout year for Gordon who has done nothing but disappoint since breaking camp with the Royals in 2007.

Owners of Gordon in keeper leagues should seriously consider dropping him at this point. He will miss most of Spring Training and will enter the season behind the other Royals hitters.

Do not draft Gordon in other leagues at this point as his production if far from a sure thing.

He is still young at 26 years of age, but the Royals may have rushed him to the big leagues, severely damaging his career.

Expect Alberto Callaspo and Josh Fields to compete for the third base job in Kansas City to start the year.

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