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Berkman and His Triple Crown
Cody Crosby,

Calm down ESPN and others. It's only May 19th.

Lance Berkman is not going to win the Triple Crown and I'll tell you why.

1. He's hot right now but that won't last forever.

2. Albert Pujols and Chipper Jones still play in the National League.

3. Ryan Braun is more of a stud than Lance Berkman.

Berkman has been smoking the heck out of the ball in the month of May. In 16 games he has 18 RBI, 8 HR, while batting .565. No one has been hotter. Let's be serious here, do you really expect him to hit anywhere near these numbers for the entire season?

Last year the leading home run hitter jacked 50 but Berkman has hit over 34 only twice in his career (45 in '06 and 42 in '02). Last year the leading hitter batted .340 while Berkman hit .278. He got close with .331 in 2001 but has only eclipsed .300 three times in eight full seasons.

I will admit that Berkman has a legitimate shot at the RBI crown in a potent lineup. His 44 RBI are nice so far but RBI are a fickle stat and come and go with the tide.

Experts forget that Albert Pujols and Chipper Jones still play in the National league. Pujols' current career average of .332 is better than Berkman's best season. Chipper is older and wiser and hit .337 last year, not too mention he is currently leading the league in batting.

To win the home run title one usually has to be the most powerful hitter in the league. I can't see Berkman accomplishing this feat with the presence of Ryan Braun. The kid has done nothing but hit since being called up to the majors. This past week he managed to hit six home runs and has eight dingers in his last eight games. In his first 156 games, Braun has 47 home runs - nothing to shake a stick at.

Not only will Braun capture the home run crown, but he could come close to the RBI title too. Of his 13 home runs, 11 have been solo shots. He will be dangerous if the Brewers can get guys on in front of him.

Berkman is looking good but he is not going to win the Triple Crown. He is good...but not THAT good.

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