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Playoff Push: Add These Guys
Cody Crosby,

It's that time of the year again. Time to make a push for fantasy baseball glory. It is time to look for replacements players to take place of those who will not help you down there road.

Injured, top-notch superstars (Rafael Furcal), young prospects who haven't lived up to their billing (Justin Upton), and guys who just plain stink (Khalil Greene) all should be given a second look by teams hoping to make the post-season.

Who are these replacement players you might ask? Below is a list of players who might help you team make a run for the trophy...or at least help you get crushed in the first round.

Mike Aviles (2B,SS - KC)

Aviles crushed the ball in the minor leagues this season and has since carried it over to the major leagues. He's playing on a poor team but is making the most of his opportunities with 25 RBI in only 39 games. Look for him to bat around .300 from here on in with good numbers all around. He should be an instant upgrade for those of you still starting Khalil Greene or nursing Rafael Furcal.

Adam Jones (OF - BAL)

If you are looking for a possible power stroke with above average speed, then look no further than Adam Jones. He has been on fire the last month with .320+ average in June and July. Jones has more power than his six home runs show. He should be a viable replacement over those who are still hanging onto Kosuke Fukudome or Jeff Francoeur.

Edwin Encarnacion (3B - CIN)

Many of your fellow fantasy managers probably gave up on Encarnacion when he hit .172 in May. He has had solid efforts in every other month this season. Look for good power numbers with a .290 average. He could be a good replacement for those with Chone Figgins or Carlos Guillen at third.

Stephen Drew (SS - ARI)

Drew has had a lackluster year up until this point. He had more than eight RBI in a month only once this season but still provided pop at a weak position (12 HRs). His 39 extra-base hits are nothing to shake a stick at, though, and same is true with his .323 July batting average. He could stay hot up until the playoffs so ride him while you can.

Josh Johnson (SP - FLA)

If you are willing to take a risk on a pitcher coming back from Tommy John surgery, risk it with Johnson. He has a "fresh" arm with excellent strikeout ability. Way back in 2006 Johnson had a 3.10 ERA with 133 Ks in 157 innings. He could help bolster your starting rotation.

Francisco Liriano (SP - MIN)

Liriano has been tossing heat down in the minors for the last few months. He's due for a call-up when one of the Minnesota pitchers stops throwing well. Liriano will be a must-add for any team in the fantasy world. If he's not on a roster now, he should be on your roster.

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