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BoSox Sign Scutaro, Peddy to Stay at 2nd
Michael Ryan,

The Boston Red Sox have signed former Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Marco Scutaro to a two year deal, pending a physical.

Scutaro, 34, is coming off a career year in which he hit .282 with 100 runs, 12 HR, and 14 SB.

Boston's second baseman, Dustin Pedroia, had made news a few days earlier by stating he would be happy to move back to shortstop to fill a need for the club but will remain at second base with the acquisition.

Marco Scutaro is a career .265 hitter whose previous career highs had been 12 homeruns and seven stolen bases.

Most players do not tend to improve at the age of 33 and his 2009 season should be viewed as an aberration rather than a breakout.

This career year, coupled with the hype Boston players tend to receive, will likely inflate Scutaro's draft value and is a player that should be ignored in most mixed leagues.

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