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Ten New Year’s Resolutions
Tim Lee,

After another season of fantasy success and failures, genius moves and huge mistakes, it’s time to reflect on the year that was and look forward to the future.

Here are my New Year’s resolutions:

1. I will trade hot prospects for established veterans.

Remember all that hype about David Price and Matt Wieters going into last season? Neither player really lived up to expectations, though they did show flashes of their potential. Nevertheless, if you’re offered a deal for a proven player with predictable stats, don’t hesitate to pull the trigger on the trade.

2. I promise to read up on players I intend to draft.

If I had done so last year, I would have avoided wasting a 9th round pick on Garrett Atkins, whom experts were saying was going to struggle mightily. And guess what? He hit .226 and slugged .342. Was he hitting in Coors’ Field or Petco Park?

3. I will go on an injury-plagued starting pitcher diet.

I will avoid perennial DL mainstays like Rich Harden and Ben Sheets until the late rounds of the draft.

4. I will pounce on hot waiver wire hitters.

Sure, they may cool down, but you can drop them afterward. On the other hand, you might end up with a hitter like Kendry Morales or who has established himself as a slugging first baseman or an outfielder who hits 21 homers in a half season like Garrett Jones.

5. I will devalue closers.

Gone are the days of drafting “perfect” closers like Brad Lidge in the early rounds. The closer position is the most unpredictable in baseball. And in addition to this…

6. I will ignore the “expert” relief pitching rankings.

These writers have proven year in and year out that they are too reactionary. They put too much emphasis on what happened in the last season. Case in point, CBS has Jonathan Broxton ranked as the number 1 closer. And yet, he’s had only 1 good season as closer, compared to old reliables like Joe Nathan and Mariano Rivera. I’ll pass on Broxton if those other two are available.

7. I will go for consistency over potential in the first round.

Granted, consistency is a hard thing to access. Who would have thought David Wright or Jose Reyes or Grady Sizemore were going to be such disappointments? However, some players who’ve had one good season like Josh Hamilton should not be drafted in the first round. And conversely…

8. I will go for upside in the late rounds.

You can find the treasures of the draft down here. So instead of going for the broken-down Jason Giambi, opt to take your chances on Andrew Bailey.

9. I will treat every week and every stat as if it were the championship week.

In a league that I was in last year, two teams with identical records were tied for the last playoff spot. If either team had won one more category in any given week, they would have avoided the arbitrary tie-breaker rules that cost one team a playoff spot.

10. I will have fun.

Fantasy baseball, despite all the research and long trade negotiations, is at the heart, a game. A really fun game, so enjoy it.

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